Brick and Mortar Retail Finds Surprising Lifeline in Gen Z Shoppers

September 18, 2019

Given that they have been raised with the internet, you would expect Generation Z to do most of their shopping online. However, a new survey shows that young consumers may bring brick and mortar shops back from the brink. The survey, conducted by A.T. Kearney, found that consumers aged 14 to 24 overwhelmingly prefer shopping in stores over online retailers.

The vast majority, 81 percent, said they would rather do their shopping in person. The main reason cited, by 73 percent of respondents, was that they like to discover new products while browsing the shelves. A large portion, 58 percent, also view the shopping experience as a type of “retail therapy,” as browsing the store allows them to disconnect from their always-online lives of social media.

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