Shoppers Plan to Visit Fewer Stores This Holiday Season

October 20, 2020

Shoppers are hoping to make fewer stops this holiday season as coronavirus anxiety remains on their minds. A new survey found that, on average, consumers are planning to go to just 5.2 retail stores this year. That’s down from seven last year, and marks a record low in Deloitte’s annual holiday survey.

The main reason for the drop is safety concerns, notes Deloitte. The survey found that 51% of respondents are anxious about going into stores this holiday season.

Consumers are not only going to fewer stores, they want to get their shopping done in less time. Shoppers hope to complete their shopping in 5.9 weeks, 1.5 weeks less than less year. Despite a push from retailers to roll out Black Friday deals early this year, most consumers worry that they will spend too much if they start shopping sooner.

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