Nearly 75% of All Apparel Sales Were Made Online Last Month

March 9, 2021

Even as covid numbers fall and business restrictions lift, shoppers are making most of their purchases online. The president of Mastercard said in an interview with CNBC that almost three-quarters of all apparel purchases were made online last month. That compares with just 47% in February 2020, just before the pandemic hit. Despite the surge in online sales, total apparel sales were down 5.3%. 

E-commerce sales in total were up 54.7% year-over-year according to research from the NPD Group. Total retail sales for the month were up 5% for the month.

The surge in online shopping during the pandemic has many wondering how brick and mortar retailers will fare once the pandemic is over. Some analysts are optimistic though, noting that options like curbside pickup are likely to remain even once the pandemic ends, boosting the viability of physical stores even as digital shopping becomes dominant.

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