1 in 3 Americans Is Waiting Until the Last Minute to File Their Taxes

April 19, 2021

The IRS pushed back the tax deadline, giving Americans an extra month to file their taxes, and nearly one-third of Americans are taking advantage of the extra time. A recent survey from IPX 1031 found that 1 in 3 taxpayers are waiting until the new deadline, May 17, to file.

The most common reasons given by the survey’s respondents for why they are delaying filing is that the process is too time-consuming, too complicated or stressful, or that they want to make sure their return is correct.

IPX 1031, using the survey responses and data from Google searches, also analyzed which state’s residents were most likely to procrastinate on their taxes. Alaska, Hawaii, Delaware, California, and Nevada led the pack. The midwest was the most likely to file before the deadline, with Iowa faring best, followed by Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Indiana.

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