As Offices Reopen, Employees Want to Stay Remote

June 1, 2021

As vaccines continue to roll out and business restrictions lift, workplaces are starting to reopen, and employers are eager to get their employees back in the office. The workers, however, have other ideas. 

A recent survey from Bloomberg and Morning Consult polled 1,000 U.S. adults and found that 39% would consider quitting if their employers were not flexible about remote work. Younger workers’ feelings were even stronger, with 49% of millennial and Gen Z workers saying they may look for other work if they cannot continue to work remotely.

Offices were shut for the sake of public health and safety, but most remote workers are more concerned with time and money. In a recent survey from FlexJobs of 2,100 remote workers, only 32% listed reduced covid exposure as a perk. The most commonly cited benefit, at 84%, was the time saved by not having a commute. The second most common, with 75%, was cost savings on transportation and childcare. The survey found that more than one-third of the respondents said they will save at least $5,000 per year by working remotely.

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