As Workers Contemplate Quitting, Employers Expect Them to Stay

July 13, 2021

As the American workforce adapts to the new post-pandemic normal, more employees are looking to call it quits. Workers who prefer remote work or reconsidered their work-life balance during the pandemic are becoming increasingly resistant to return to the office. 

A recent survey from career website Monster found that a shocking 95% of U.S. workers are considering changing jobs. A separate research project from Microsoft found that 41% of the global workforce is thinking about leaving their current job in the next year. Analysts have dubbed the potential labor force shakeup the “Great Resignation.”

Employers, for the most part, do not anticipate that all this “consideration” will result in many departures, according to a recent survey conducted by human resources software company Tinypulse. The survey found that, on average, human resources leaders and C-suite executives expect just 8% of their employees will leave once Covid restrictions are fully lifted. A quarter of the survey’s respondents said they do not expect to lose anyone.

If employees actually do leave, employers may have a hard time finding replacements, as the survey also found that 39% of human resources departments said it had become more difficult to fill jobs.

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