Americans Plan to Spend Big This Halloween

October 22, 2021

After having their plans put on hold by Covid last year, Americans are planning to spend big celebrating Halloween in 2021.

A new poll found that Americans are going to shell out a lot more on Halloween-related festivities this year than last. The survey found that Americans are likely to spend $92 on costumes this year, including outfits for their family and pets. That is a 49% increase over the $62 spent last year. 

Americans are also expecting to spend much more on home decorations and candy, with both categories up 21% and 10%, respectively.

Of course, year-over-year comparisons do not mean much when large gatherings and door-to-door trick or treating were off the table in 2020. There is evidence, however, that spending on candy this year is likely to beat pre-pandemic sales. The National Confectioners Association said that sales of chocolate and candy this year are expected to be 60% higher than they were in 2019.

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