Only 4% of Retirees Say They Are ‘Living the Dream’ in Retirement

May 9, 2024

For many of us, retirement is our primary financial goal. We spend most of our working lives saving up to ensure that our golden years will be everything we dream of. Unfortunately, a recent survey found that, for many, retirement is failing to live up to those dreams.

Just 4% of current retirees said they are “living the dream,” according to a new survey from asset management firm Schroders. The survey also found that the same amount, 4%, said they are “living a nightmare.”

Most of the respondents fell somewhere in between, with 44% saying that they are comfortable in retirement. Another 34% said they are not doing great, but not badly either, and 15% said they are actively struggling.

The survey, conducted between March and April, found that retirees are facing many concerns about rising prices, market turmoil, and uncertainty about their own financial plans.

The top concern, cited by 89% of respondents, is inflation lessening the value of their assets. That’s followed closely by higher-than-expected healthcare costs, cited by 85% of respondents. Retirees are also worried about a major market downturn significantly reducing their assets (76%), uncertainty about how to draw down assets (69%), and outliving their assets (68%).

The survey also sought responses from Americans nearing retirement, few of whom seemed prepared. Less than half of the respondents (44%) said they felt like they had saved enough to enjoy their retirement. Another 32% said they are sure they do not have enough saved, and 24% said they are unsure.


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