Visualized: America and China’s Shares of the Global Economy

June 6, 2024

Since China entered the global market at the turn of the century and began seeing robust economic growth, economists have fretted over the possibility that China would overtake the U.S. as the world’s largest economy. A raft of economic issues like a lagging real estate sector, rampant youth unemployment, and weak domestic demand have caused growth to falter in China, and its long-term prospects are hindered by demographic challenges.

For a sense of how China’s place in the global economy compares to the U.S., and how far it will have to go to overtake America, Visual Capitalist has compiled an infographic that compares the two nations’ share of global GDP, valuation of their stock markets, and the amount of direct foreign investment in their respective economies.

Graphic comparing the economies of U.S. and China across 3 key metrics

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