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Blurring the Lines

How much are investors really paying Wall Street? Surveys from groups such as J.D. Power & Associates report that well over half of all investors don’t know how much they are paying their financial adviser. In its quest for profits, the entire financial services industry is finding ways to hide fees and to skirt the […]

Consumer Confidence

The University of Michigan’s survey of consumer attitudes for November rose to 98.5 in Wednesday’s release. The reading reflects American consumers’ continued confidence and certainty about their financial prospects. Analysts say that the recent data could well indicate the holiday shopping season may be one of the strongest in over a decade as confident consumers […]

Goldman Sachs Sees an Overheated US Economy in 2018

This past week, Goldman Sachs issued its 2018 projections that forecasts the US economy growing so strong the Fed could possibly raise interest rates four times this coming year. Goldman’s projection sees: the GDP rising at a 2.5% rate, the unemployment rate falling to 3.7% (the lowest level since 1969), wages increasing by 3.25%, and […]